Photo: Veraliah Bueno

ARROW Plus General Meeting

On 4 December, the ARROW Plus consortium partners held their General Meeting in Brussels. As the project reaches its end, the partners presented the main achievements, lessons learnt and criticalities of the different seven working packages within the project.

During the meeting, the partners were informed about the latest developments and the extent of the project. ARROW Plus will deliver by the end of 2013 a fully implemented system in 9 European countries while an additional 7 countries are in a very advanced implementation phase. The meeting was also the occasion for the project coordinator to inform about final administrative steps to conclude the project and the financial support from the European Commission.

Besides the reports of each working package, part of the session was dedicated to BiP (Books in Print) agencies and how ARROW has contributed to their development or even set the ground for their foundations in target countries where they did not have one.

Finally, AIE presented the next steps in regards to the ARROW Association and what is the future of the ARROW system and its services.

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Photo: Veraliah Bueno
The ARROW system works and it is fully implemented in 9 countries, while an additional 7 countries are in an advanced implementation stage
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